Other services

North-harbourIn Vágur and on the island of Suðuroy there are a wide range of services available to vessels.


Health and security

In the midst of Vágur there is a medical centre with doctors, nurse and dentists. There is a hospital on the island of Suðuroy, 20 minutes drive from the Port of Vágur.

Vágur has a well-equipped fire station and rescue team. By the fire station there is a heliport.

On the island of Suðuroy there is a police station.



The shopping center Torgið, situated in the town centre, is with its 1.200 m2 the largest shopping center on Suðuroy. On a 7 days a week service, Torgið supplies tax-free provisions of dried, frozen and cold commotities as well as fruit, baked goods.

Handil á Gørðunum supplies privisions as well as tools, soaps for ships and other commodities.


Personal care and recreation

In Vágur there are a wide range of companies providing services within personal care and recreation. Encompassing physioterapy, occupational therapy, podiatrist, haridressers, sports hall, swimming centre, water skiing, RIB.

Vágur is situated on a beautiful fjord sorrounded by mountains. Guided tours are arranged by the Tourist Office in Vágur, for example to Beinisvørð, towering at 469 m, a haven for seabirds and is a veritable wonder to behold because of its singular beauty.