Offshore services

The Port of Vágur has a wide range of facilities ready to service the offshore oil industry.

The North harbour
The North harbour in the Port of Vágur includes more than 350 meters of quayside with 7.5 meters depth or more. 86 meters are by the deep harbour, with a depth of 10 meters; 146 meters quayside with 8.5 meters depth; and 130 meters quayside with 7.0 meters depth.

The North harbour also includes a ro-ro wharf.

By the North harbour there is a large open storage area, more than 8.000 m2, available for the offshore oil industry. The North harbour also has an indoor storage 1.700 m2 wide.

Bunkering by the North harbour
The North harbour supplies bunkering of fresh water, marine gasoil, as well as other supplies.
• Fresh cleaned water (regular water test)
• Marine gasoil (high quality 0,1% Sulphur)
• Food supplies

With a large open storage area available, there is room for setting up mud storage tanks.

The Port of Vágur – Vágar Airport – Aberdeen: 3 hours
The travel time from the Port of Vágur via Vágar Airport, the national airport, to Aberdeen is app 3 hours. The travel time includes 20 minutes helicopter flight from the Port of Vágur to the Vágar Airport, 1 hour flight from the Vágar Airport to Aberdeen, and waiting time at the airport.