Gamle Oksøy visits a the Port of Vágur

The Norwegian museum ship, Gamle Oksøy, visited at the Port of Vágur 30. June – 1. July 2018.

Gamle Oksøy was built in 1962 in Haugesund, Norway, and was a supplyship for the Norwegian Coastguard. The ship was used to maintain lighthouses and other markings along the Norwegian shoreline.

The ship was taken out of service in 1996 and it was decided that the ship should be preserved and should be used as a museum ship.

Gamle Oksøy departured the Port of Vágur on 2. July 2018 heading for Siglufjørður in Iceland, where it will participate in the Nordic Coastal Festival.

Gamle Oksøy adds to the long list of summer visitors at the Port of Vágur.