Port of Vágur as supply harbour

Supply-harbour-from-north-eastThe Port of Vágur is scheduled to be expanded during the next 18 months, creating the best possible circumstances for the offshore oil industry in the North Atlantic. The expansion will be in the new South Harbour.

New quya-side and harbour area
The expansion will include 300 m of new quay-side, 200 m with 7.5 m draft, and 100 m. with up til 15 m. draft.

With the expansion 18.000 m2 of new harbour area will be available to open and indoor storages, as well as office facilities and other facilities.

Bunkering by the South harbour
The South harbour supplies bunkering of fresh water, heavy fuel, as well as other supplies. The expansion of the harbour also includes an area for new marine gasoil tanks, as well as an area for gas-tanks.

See video below